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Calf Stretches and Strength Exercises

by Louise April 27th, 2011| Exercises, Running, Strength Training
If you ever have ankle, foot, or knee pain (who doesn't?), it may be a result of weak calves. Calves are an overlooked group of muscles. We complain about feeling soreness or tightness in our calves, but we don't always act on these issues. Strong and flexible calves will

Walking Injuries

by Bea April 25th, 2011| Eating Tips, Walking
Walks can get the best of your body—resulting in injury. Most people who are injured due to walking are those who spontaneously go for a hike or a long walk. While injuries can occur right away, there is also the possibility that the injury will not be felt until

Exercising While on Vacation

by Bea April 20th, 2011| Biking, Exercises, Family Fitness
You know what’s unfair? The more fit you are, the faster you can lose that fitness. In just three weeks, you could lose 5-10% of your aerobic power and/or endurance; however your strength may stick around a little longer because of muscle memory. If you decide to take a

The Right Shoes

by Louise April 18th, 2011| Running
If you've been running in the same shoes for years and have had no injuries or complaints about them, keep them.  Be happy you have found a shoe that works. There's no sense in listening to "expert advice" that tells you about a better shoe that's out there for

Creative and Effective

by Chang Song April 15th, 2011| Cardio
Many people stop in the middle of their workout regimen because the same exercises can become tedious and boring. That's why it is important to have a passionate workout partner or trainer who can get you through these tough times by keeping you motivated.

There also is an easier way.

Fitness on the Go

by Carlo Celotti April 13th, 2011| Fitness Expert
Whether you're on the road or just away from your gym, it doesn't mean that you should take a break from your workouts.  Try these tips to keep yourself active and healthy:

  • There really are no excuses to not workout no matter where you are.  All you need is a

A Better Tomorrow

by Chang Song April 11th, 2011| Sports
Clearly, the most important benefit of encouraging kids to play sports at a young age is that those same kids will be able to avoid the treacherous road to obesity in the future. However, playing sports can have more benefits for kids than you would think. When a kid

Add Spice to Your Pilates Workout

by Lindsay Lopez April 7th, 2011| Fitness Expert
Here are three ways:

Even the most dedicated of us can get into a workout slump, especially if you’re diligently practicing more than one day a week and you have only your mat to work with. Here are three ways you can increase the intensity of your Pilates mat practice

The Most Televised Diet and Fitness Program

by Chang Song April 5th, 2011| Eating Tips
The Biggest Loser on NBC is one of the most watched prime-time shows on television. It gets great ratings every week and has been a very popular show for the past 7 years. The ultimate reason for the show's continual success is that Americans are obsessed with exercise and

As You Grow Older, Don’t Lose Your Muscles!

by Bea April 4th, 2011| Strength Training
A new study done by the University of Michigan Health system has recently reported that just because you are getting older, that does not mean that you have to lose the battle against muscle and strength loss. In fact, they have even ventured so far as to say that

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