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Fitness Records

by Bea December 16th, 2010| Exercises
On Novemeber 23, 2010, Stephen Buttler, 35, of the UK, has set new world record for the most fitness records broken in a day. Seems like an interesting record to have. This actually ends up putting him as having 12 Guinness world records. In order to set the new

Morning Stretches

by Bea November 4th, 2010| Exercises
Even if you cannot exercise every single day, even though you should, something that you should try to incorporate into your daily regime is stretching. It does not have to be for a long time, ten minutes will even do the trick, and it will actually give you a

Why exercise in the water?

by Bea October 5th, 2010| Exercises
One of the best alternative workouts that you can do for your body is to do exercises in the water. Pool workouts can be some of the best workouts out there and they allow for training with minimal impact on the body. Many people with injuries, even serious ones

How to Avoid Heartburn While Exercising

by Bea September 2nd, 2010| Eating Tips, Exercises
If you have experienced heartburn while you were in the middle of a workout, then you probably have a tendency to shy away from working out because I am sure that is not a pleasant feeling. The ironic thing is that exercising should get your body even healthier and

Foam Rollers

by Bea August 10th, 2010| Exercise Equipment, Exercises, Running
One of the best ways to eliminate and prevent muscle knots is to use a foam roller. While saying hydrated to prevent cramps and stretching your muscles is also very important, foam rolling will help you in many ways that both of these two things cannot. However, it is

Belly Dance to Boost Fitness

by TJ Davis August 3rd, 2010| Exercises
If you are like me, you are always looking for new ways to make fitness fun. Once exercise becomes routine, it's difficult for me to motivate myself to stick with it. Fortunately for me, I recently discovered belly dance for fitness. There are many different programs offering fitness routines

Push Ups

by Bea July 27th, 2010| Exercises, Strength Training
Doing push ups should never get old or boring to you. Push ups are excellent training methods for your body and there are so many different ways to do one that you can exercise a myriad of the muscles in your body. They can be hard to do, but that is

Conditioning Fit For a Cheerleader

by Jenn McD. July 13th, 2010| Exercises
Cheerleading is a sport that I have been absolutely in love with since I was in first or second grade. I like to tell people that I was “bred” to play volleyball since I grew up in the Midwest where volleyball is the equivalent of lacrosse in the west

Daniels’ Running Formula

by Louise July 1st, 2010| Exercises, Running
Are you bored of just going on runs without a certain goal? Perhaps it is time to enter a race. Running races is a great way for runners to measure their condition, compare it to the past, and hopefully gauge a center amount of improvement. Being able to set

Driving Miss Lazy

by TJ Davis June 29th, 2010| Eating Tips, Exercises
Miss Lazy - the part of me that routinely says things like, "You need to relax a while, let's watch another movie," and, "It's too hot to cook, let's order pizza." I tell myself all the time, that's not me. I'm not Lazy. I am a single mom, working

Neck Flexibility

by TJ Davis June 10th, 2010| Exercises
Loss of mobility and flexibility are common results of aging. Regular moderate exercise can help reduce the symptoms that lead to these results. When you are choosing an exercise program, the neck should be given special consideration. Any sort of fitness routine can be detrimental to the back and

Working Out While Pregnant

by Jenn McD. June 8th, 2010| Exercises
There is a lot of uncertainty out there when it comes to being pregnant. One of the numerous things that a woman must worry about is staying in shape and being healthy. According to health experts, it is okay for a woman to exercise while pregnant, but she must

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