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Getting Off Your BUT

by TJ Davis June 3rd, 2010| Exercises
You should exercise. You know that, intellectually. But what if you have a debilitating illness that causes you daily pain and limits your mobility? Then you should exercise! People with arthritis can exercise, despite the body’s seemingly endless objections. (You know you should exercise, BUT it hurts too much;

Hula Hooping

by Bea June 1st, 2010| Cardio, Exercise Equipment, Exercises
When I was little I used to have competitions with my sisters to see who could hula hoop the longest. Sometimes we would add in multiple hoops and other times we would use them to "jump rope" with. There were some times when I became bored with my hula

The Importance of Cross Training

by Bea May 20th, 2010| Exercises, Running, Strength Training, Walking
Cross training. Well, what is it? The words should give it away to some degree; cross training means that one would partake in different sports while focusing on their main sport in order to improve overall performance. For instance, some runners cross-train by riding their bike or doing laps

Muscle Fitness Magazine’s Top Muscle Movements

by Jenn McD. May 6th, 2010| Exercises
Muscle and Fitness Magazine released their “Top 9 Muscle Movement Exercises” in their May 2010 issue. I picked 5 of the 9 that I thought were really good, and hopefully you will think so, too!

Flat-bench dumbbell press
In a chest routine, you need to build mass so that

Busy, busy, busy…

by Jenn McD. April 15th, 2010| Exercises
This past semester has been quite a busy one for me. Student Government, Black Student Association, not to mention my job as Men’s Lacrosse manager and then everyday classes and homework take up a lot of my time. The key to a busy schedule for me is a planner.

More about Exercise Addiction

by Bea April 13th, 2010| Exercises
Last week we published an article about how exercise can indeed become addictive. As written in that previous article, it is important to make sure that exercise does not become the focal part of your life and that you are able to balance everything in your life without putting exercise first

Ab Exercises at Home

by MPK March 19th, 2010| Exercises
Bathing suit is even closer, which may mean you're working even harder to get ready.  In the past two weeks, you've learned about some simple upper body and lower body exercises that you can do at home- without any exercise equipment.  This week we have a couple exercises

GRRR-Rizzly Bear

by Joe Lawrence March 18th, 2010| Cardio, Exercises
Imagine coming across a grizzly bear in the wild.  How would that make you feel?  Scared?  Recently, I encountered a grizzly bear but not the actual animal.  I have encountered a fitness routine nicknamed the grizzly bear, and it, too, is scary.

This is a workout consisting of numerous calisthenic

Lower Body Exercises

by MPK March 11th, 2010| Exercises
Last week, we began our countdown to bathing suit season with simple upper body exercises that can be done at home without any special exercise equipment.  This week we will continue with lower body exercises.  Again these exercises can be done at home, and you don't need to purchase

Upper Body Exercises

by MPK March 5th, 2010| Exercises
With bathing suit season just around the corner, many people start to consider changing their diet and improving their workout routine.  Over the next few weeks, My Fitness Tunes will help you get ready by providing you with exercises targeted at specific body zones.  Whether you want to improve your

More Ab Exercises

by Louise March 4th, 2010| Exercises, Strength Training
Looking for some more ab exercises? Here are 3 leg lift variations that have been used by many top athletes:

Single Leg Lifts - Start with your back on the ground and one knee bent, so that the sole of one foot is flat on the ground about a foot and

One Can Equal Three

by MPK February 11th, 2010| Exercises, Strength Training
No, that is not a math equation, nor is it a typographical error.  It's a simple way to expand your exercise regimen.

A while ago we posted an article about muscle confusion.  Simply put, if you continue to do the same exercises, they become less effective.  However, the idea of

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