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Fighting Through Couch to 5K

by Jessica B. June 5th, 2012| Cardio, Mind & Body
A few weeks ago I posted about my ambition to start the Couch to 5K again after a long break due to a broken foot. While the foot has recovered, I haven’t quite found my way back to the running trail, and I miss it. I am also afraid

I Got the Music in Me

by Joan Jacobsen May 23rd, 2012| Fitness Expert, Mind & Body
"Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak." William Congreve 1697 - The Mourning Bride

When I am preparing for one of my races, I choose music as my pre-jitter cure all. Before I even head to the starting line, I am enjoying

Weird Core Strength Training

by Mackenzie M. May 22nd, 2012| Mind & Body
There are hundreds of standard ways to do core strength training that are both simple and effective; however, I recently discovered an entire subset of very strange weightlifting techniques that are great for building a lean and muscular core. With these exercises you will surely burn fat, build muscle,

Exercise, Enthusiasm, and Excitement

by Bea March 6th, 2012| Mind & Body
From experience, I know that I am always in a better mood overall when I am in the habit of exercising daily. It is possible to be addicted to exercise — exercising promotes feel good endorphins that some people don’t realize that they have until they stop exercising. I

Yoga Increases Upper Arm Strength

by Jessica B. December 20th, 2011| Mind & Body
If you have never tried yoga, it might sound strange to hear that it is a great way to build upper arm strength, but it is. Because yoga involves maintaing positions for a long period of time, it can be a great way to build up muscle tone and

Ears Open

by Bea August 23rd, 2011| Mind & Body
Did you know that last year was the first year in four years that the pedestrian death toll went up?

Though there are no hard facts for the cause behind the rise in death toll, I do have a pretty logical guess: headphones. Headphones typically make people completely unaware of

On Curtailing Complacency

by Angela Yorke July 25th, 2011| Exercises, Mind & Body
One of the easiest things about an exercise routine is starting one. Some might say it’s also the most difficult thing to do if you’ve been sedentary for a while. Whatever you feel in the beginning though, it’s hard to escape the feeling of complacency that can set in

How to Exercise Without Really Trying

by Angela Yorke June 27th, 2011| Exercises, Mind & Body
Exercise is important, yet it’s one of those things that keeps getting pushed down the to-do list to the point where even the baggiest jeans somehow become skinny-fitting jeans. Setting aside 30-60 minutes a day just to exercise can seem burdensome when you consider the amount of time we

Finding Your Fitness Niche

by TJ Davis June 15th, 2010| Mind & Body
We all have our own excuses for not exercising. Some common ones are: I'm not in good enough shape to start exercising; I cannot do enough to make a difference; and, I don't have time for a fitness routine. The first two examples are fallacies, which can be overcome

How to “Spring” into Fitness

by Melissa March 20th, 2008| Mind & Body
The cold, wet, fluffy, white stuff that has been a part of my landscape for the past five months is finally melting! It’s time to get outside and stretch the muscles that have been cooped up all winter. (Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a wimp when it comes

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