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by Bea July 8th, 2008| Biking
With gas prices so high, it's a wonder why more people are not biking to work!

Whenever I go to Holland to visit my relatives, I always am amazed at how so many people bike. It is true that there aren't any hills in Holland, but still, people will bike everywhere

Up a Mountain – Burning Calories All the Way

by TK July 8th, 2008| Walking
A sunny day without children calls for outdoor activity for my WTB (wife-to-be) and me. So we decided to make it a high-calorie-burning adventure up Mt. Monadnock in western New Hampshire.

The leisurely 1.5 hour drive to Mt. Monadnock from our house gave us a chance to chat before


by Louise July 1st, 2008| Sports
I hear a lot of people talking about the one sport they love. In the fall, my friend plays for the volleyball school team. Winter, the same friend plays volleyball for a junior Olympics team. Spring, more junior Olympics. Summer, a summer volleyball league. Year-round volleyball. It has become a

For Your Backside

by Erin Steiner June 24th, 2008| Exercises

As a freelance writer, I spend a lot of my day sitting down. I also just turned thirty.  Those two things might not usually have anything to do with each other, but the other day I realized that both of them were working together to give me something that

5 Tips for Summer Fitness

by Melissa June 17th, 2008| Family Fitness
The sun beats down, the days are hot and humid, the air is sticky- yes, summer is here. So, how do you stay fit and active when all you want to do is stay in your house and dream about the cooler days of autumn?

Here are five tips to

Strengthen Your Back

by Erin Steiner June 10th, 2008| Exercises

When we talk about getting fit or making sure that we are "in shape" many of us forget that the muscles in our backs need to be worked out and taken care of just as much as the muscles in our legs, arms, chest and abdomen. Many of us

bike trailer

Biking with Children

by Melissa June 3rd, 2008| Biking

With the cost of gas constantly on the rise and obesity becoming a major concern with children today, try a different form of transportation: biking!

Biking is a great way to exercise, and it’s fun

Exercise and Breast Cancer

by Erin Steiner May 23rd, 2008| Exercises

Did you know that regular exercise can cut your risk of breast cancer by as much as fifty percent? An article in USA Today states that a study has been done to measure the impact of exercise on the development of breast cancer. The lead researcher on the study,

My First Yoga

by Erin Steiner May 17th, 2008| Yoga

Today I attempted yoga for the first time.

I've been flirting with the idea of doing yoga for a while. The only reason I haven't tried it sooner is, well, my mom does yoga. And the classes are usually expensive. And I'm really self conscious. And I'm about as

Workouts and Toddlers

by LJ Dovichi May 14th, 2008| Walking
When I first had three-feet-of-fun, well after my staples were taken out and I healed from surgery, it was easy to squeeze in home workouts while he took his naps during the day. I'd put him down for a nap and then do a workout video, run on the treadmill,

Keep your Kids Fit by Going on a Safari!

by Melissa May 13th, 2008| Family Fitness

Spring fever is here, and with it, unpredictable weather. My kids seem to be bouncing off the walls with energy, and if it’s a cold or rainy day outside, they tend to spend their energy on…um…unproductive activities. (No, I don’t like

Wii Fit

by LJ Dovichi May 8th, 2008| Cardio, Strength Training, Yoga
With obesity on the rise in children and adults, promoting fitness and healthy eating is more important than ever. In today's electronic age of dvd's, computers, and video games it's really hard to get off the couch and get some exercise. However, I think it just got a little easier,

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