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Keeping Cool

by Greg Cote July 31st, 2009| Video
With the weather being hot, you might not want to get even warmer working out.  Here's a great way to stay cool and keep fit. . .

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Fitness and Four-Legged Friends

by Louise July 29th, 2009| Cardio
The idea of staying in good shape or losing weight is just not always a good enough reason to get a person motivated to exercise. What if you added another reason, the responsibility to keep your pets healthy and happy as well? In today's society there is no doubt that


by Bea July 22nd, 2009| Sports

There are many aspects about school that make me excited to come back to Northeastern; however, I am really pumped to come back to play intramural sports. Intramural sports are not too competitive. While varsity sports and club sports are the types of activities that are played against other colleges,

An Athlete’s Diet

by Louise July 15th, 2009| Eating Tips
When people talk about what athletes should eat and drink, some of the popular words that come up are protein, carbohydrates, potassium, iron, and calcium. They talk about taking extra supplements to get faster, stronger, and overall better performance. In reality, there should only be one difference between the diet of

Pool Running

by Bea July 8th, 2009| Exercises, Running
My sister has  a stress fracture in her tibia and her femur.  She spent all of last summer with a stress fracture in her foot. This injure forced her to pool run. She would run anywhere from thirty minutes to one and a half hours. There were times when I


by B Kenney July 1st, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Yoga
Yoga does the body good. More specifically, yoga helps exercise certain aspects that normal aerobic and intense workout routine don't.

A weight lifting, or even running, routine will not address balance, relaxation, and flexibility like yoga does; all of which are very important aspects of a healthy body. Yoga also will

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