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Making Family Fitness Fun

by Angela Yorke May 30th, 2011| Exercises, Family Fitness
You’ve replaced all the food in the house with healthful alternatives and convinced everyone that staying active is a new requirement. Still, how are you going to make exercise fun and not a boring chore?

Use your family’s love of gadgets to your advantage. One of the simplest and most

Free Weights and Weight Machines Compared

by Angela Yorke May 27th, 2011| Exercises, Strength Training
Free weights are much cheaper than a weight machine. They’re also easier to store, as they occupy much less space than a weight machine. But is that really all there is to deciding whether to use free weights or weight machines?

Ease of Use

You can carry out a greater variety

My Feet Are Numb

by Bea May 26th, 2011| Walking
When it comes to exploring new cities, I would be someone you may not want to travel with. I want to see everything, so stopping to sit makes me antsy. Though I don't mind sitting down after a hike or to take in the scenery, stopping every hour and

Your First Yoga Class

by Denise Druce May 25th, 2011| Fitness Expert
These tips for your first yoga class are courtesy of Denise Druce, a registered yoga teacher who holds a Master's Degree in Public Health.

One of my favorite experiences as a yoga teacher is watching a brand new yogi roll up his or her mat after a first class.

Pool Strength Exercises

by Louise May 23rd, 2011| Strength Training
Pool water provides a naturally resistant force that you can take advantage of while exercising, especially in the summer. It can help you relax, stay cool, and get a workout at the same time. You can use a pool to target every area you would normally work on strengthening,

Exercising at the Office

by Bea May 20th, 2011| Exercise Equipment, Exercises
The following suggestions will help you keep your body alert at the office instead of slumped and ineffective.

I’m sure you have heard this multiple times, but the most important “exercise” that you can practice at your desk job is to sit with the proper posture. A good chair is

Run Yourself Fit – Not Ragged

by Angela Yorke May 19th, 2011| Cardio, Running
Many people don’t run the way they should; they neglect proper form for distance and/or speed. Over time, this results in painful knees, screaming bunions, persistent backache, and loss of interest. Running should be easy and enjoyable, and I have found the following approaches worth adopting.

Everyone has heard of

Anti-Gravity Treadmills

by Louise May 16th, 2011| Exercise Equipment, Running
Just a week ago, I used the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill for the first time. The AlterG is basically a treadmill that is able to support a percentage of a person's weight as one walks or runs on it. It requires a user to put on a special pair of

Backyard Sensation

by Chang Song May 13th, 2011| Sports
It used to be only a game played with dogs and friends. Now Ultimate Frisbee has grown in prominence. One reason it grew from a game in the backyard to intense leagues in the park is the fitness benefits it offers.

For those who don't know, Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact

Let’s Roll

by Chang Song May 12th, 2011| Cardio
While some argue that running, biking, and swimming can be more beneficial for you physically than roller skating, those exercises can't beat inline skating. It offers a complete workout, as it will strengthen and benefit your body from your mind to your toes.

An inline roller skating program will benefit

Finding a GOOD Trainer

by Carlo Celotti May 11th, 2011| Fitness Expert

Finding a good trainer may be difficult, but it's not impossible.  Consider the following tips when searching for the right person to help you obtain your fitness goals.

-First and foremost, you want to find a trainer that practices what they preach. You not only want someone who won't ask

Family Means Being in it Together

by Angela Yorke May 9th, 2011| Eating Tips, Family Fitness, Nutrition, Running
Like life, fitness is a marathon. You have to put in continual effort to ensure that your health doesn’t become a liability during your twilight years; however, a lot of the information a fitness enthusiast finds is usually geared towards individual activity. What happens when you want to motivate

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