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Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts

by James Maynard May 17th, 2013| Video
Stress is a leading factor in how your body retains fat. In order to give yourself a better chance at achieving and maintaining a healthy body, it is healthy to lower the levels of stress in your life, and deal as effectively as possible with the inevitable factors which

Homemade Fruit and Nut Bars

by R. Carnavale May 16th, 2013| Diet Strategy, Healthy Snacks
Whether you want an on the go breakfast or something to snack on midday, a homemade fruit and nut bar is a tasty, nutritious treat that will leave you feeling fuller and more energetic. I love fruit bars because they remain firm and taste fresh even after being in

Jogging Tours in New Orleans

by Mackenzie M. May 14th, 2013| Cardio, Outdoor
Gone are the days of exploring a city at a snail's pace while aimlessly strolling or while riding a double decker bus. There is a new, fun way to work on improving your cardio while on vacation: jogging tours!  Take in the sights as you increase your fitness level; what could be

The 7 Minute Workout Based on Science

by Kimberly Hays May 13th, 2013| 15 Minutes or Less, Strength Training
There is research being conducted constantly on the science of exercise, and it looks as though that the article in the current issue of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal sheds new light on the guidelines for a quick, intense 7 minute workout, and then

Lifestyle Changes for Heart Health

by James Maynard May 10th, 2013| Diet Strategy, Eating Tips, Nutrition
Heart disease is one of the world's leading killers, causing half the deaths in the United States each year. However, there are several lifestyle changes that you can make in order to lower your risk of heart disease. In this video, we learn how your family history will affect

Apps to Improve Indoor Workouts

by Jessica B. May 9th, 2013| Cardio, Indoor
I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find indoor workouts tedious. You run on a treadmill for an hour, but go nowhere. You row for 30 minutes, but never feel the cool breeze off the water. You bicycle, but just sit in one place. One way I have
woman running

Reasons to Run

by Denise Druce May 8th, 2013| Fitness Expert
I will admit it, I really, really, really don’t like running. And it’s OK, because there are so many other activities that I love. But I am trying to fall in love with running, mostly because I feel like an outsider these days. ‘Everyone is doing it’. And it’s

Spirulina: Know This Superfood

by Kimberly Hays May 7th, 2013| Diet Strategy, Superfoods
Spirulina is a microalgae. It is one of the oldest living organisms that has helped create oxygen for billions of years. It is even responsible for helping other organisms and life forms to appear. It is also so nutrient rich that you could actually live on it, along with

Yoga Postures: Upper Body

by Jessica B. May 6th, 2013| Strength Training, Upper Body
Many people think of yoga as a bunch of casual stretches that tend to build strength in the lower body and increase flexibility. But there are many postures that also target the upper body and can help you to build strength in your arms. Many are advanced postures, but

Healthy Chocolate and Wine

by James Maynard May 3rd, 2013| Video
In the 1973 Woody Allen film, Sleep, the lead character, Miles Monroe, is a health food store owner. He is cyrogenically frozen and awakes 200 years later to find quite a change in his livelihood; the foods we once thought were bad for our health have been found to

Build Lower Body Strength at Home

by Jessica B. May 2nd, 2013| Lower Body, Strength Training
These days I am having a hard time making it to the gym; with two small kids there are just not enough hours in the day. I have been getting creative using different things I have around the house to help me keep up my workout routine. Here are

Get Creative to Get Moving!

by Dr. Christopher Weaver May 1st, 2013| Fitness Expert
As a fitness trainer, one of the most commonly used excuses that I hear as to why people do not exercise regularly is they do not have the time. As a husband, father, and full time employee among other daily roles, I completely understand that trying to add more

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