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Pasta for Better Health!

by James Maynard June 21st, 2013| Video
Pastas are a tempting food for many people. Not only are they comfort foods, but they are also delicious and inexpensive. But, not all pastas are created equally. There are some varieties that are better for you than others. Whether you are trying to lose weight, firm your body,

Hot Weather Walking Gear

by Bea June 20th, 2013| Walking
Walking as a source of cardio can have many benefits over another activity such as running. For example, while walking, you can wear more gear than you normally would running. While running with a neck cooler might not be comfortable, you can probably benefit from a neck cooler while

Common Problems: New Fitness Routine

by Jason Brennan June 19th, 2013| Fitness Expert
There are many problems people run into when starting or re starting a fitness plan, whether it be a lack of motivation, knowledge, time, or available space and equipment. Finding a way to get through is the only way to make fitness part of your life.

The motivation factor. If

These Foods Wrecking Your Diet?

by Kimberly Hays June 18th, 2013| Diet Plans, Diet Strategy
We all try to watch what we eat in order to be healthy and to maintain a healthy weight. We know that potato chips, cakes, and fried foods are going to pack on the pounds. What everyone may not be aware of is that many healthy foods can also

Core Strength Martial Arts

by Mackenzie M. June 18th, 2013| Core, Strength Training
It should come with no surprise that Japanese martial arts provide an amazing core strength workout. From judo to karate to aikido, Japanese martial arts build core strength in the abdominal muscles, chest muscles, and leg muscles. However, many do not understand that there is an entire philosophy behind

Firming up Arms to Look Great

by James Maynard June 14th, 2013| Video
Toning muscles is one of the most important things we can do during our workout routine to keep looking great. Few things about our bodies can make us look less toned and older than flabby arms. But how do you go about toning your arms, and which exercises are

Take to the Hills for Cardio

by Mackenzie M. June 13th, 2013| Cardio, Outdoor
Last week, a friend and I decided to head to the nearest state park with varying terrains for a day of walking. This terrain ranged from steep moraines to low valleys. Simply walking up and down the large rises and falls proved to be an intense cardio workout that

Getting Back in Balance

by Denise Druce June 12th, 2013| Fitness Expert
Yogis often see parallels between time spent practicing poses and their lives outside the yoga studio. This is especially true of balance poses. Learning to balance ourselves on our mat helps us find balance in the precarious moments of life. If you’re stressed, sleep deprived, undernourished or obsessing over
Crackers- Wheat Thins

Healthy Snacks for Young Athletes

by R. Carnavale June 11th, 2013| Diet Strategy, Healthy Snacks
As a parent, you strive to ensure your children grow up fit and strong. Encouraging your children to exercise and play sports will help as will your promoting healthy eating habits. Your child athlete will have higher food and fluid requirements than the average child and will require more

The Off-Balance Core Workout

by Kimberly Hays June 10th, 2013| 15 Minutes or Less, Strength Training
We work hard to tone our stomachs in order to have a strong core. This allows fast turns and lunges. Balance is important no matter what type of workout we do or what kind of sport that we participate in. The off-balance core workout will have you wobbling a

Better Walking for Better Health

by James Maynard June 7th, 2013| Video
Maximizing your walkout routine can help you lead a healthier, more energetic life while reducing the amount of time spent at the gym. Most of us walk, and many people concerned with their health take hikes through the woods or in urban environments in order to provide exercise. Although

The Firm on Hulu

by Jessica B. June 6th, 2013| Assorted Workouts, Cardio
I have written before about my latest quest for great online workouts available for free. I am a new Mom looking to lose some pregnancy weight, but I can't find a gym that offers babysitting. I have been sampling a wide variety of material, some is great, some is

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