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Get a Grip

by Joe Lawrence May 19th, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
One of my favorite gym exercises of all time is the dead lift. You can work almost every muscle group and walk away feeling like a beast. However, I have always had one problem I could not overcome…my grip. My legs and body were able to handle lots of
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Great Swimming Workouts

by Jessica B. May 15th, 2014| Assorted Workouts, Cardio
If you are looking for a good cardio workout that also helps boost arm strength, swimming is one of the best things out there. Soft on your muscles, you can swim even when injury stops you from performing many other sports. Here are a few great ways to work
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Healthy Mother’s Day

by Denise Druce May 14th, 2014| Fitness Expert, Yoga
The last thing a mom needs on Mother’s Day is more guilt.  We all know we should be getting exercise, and we know we’re better at everything, including being the MOM, when we make the time for a workout.  But let’s face it.  A mom doesn’t really have the
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Gruve Personal Activity Monitor

by Kimberly Hays May 13th, 2014| Accessories, Technology
This monitor is easy to use, and it is designed to help you manage your weight while encouraging you to be more active. It shows you your metabolic rate, as well as lets you know how many calories you are burning while mowing the grass, walking to and from
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Incline Dumbbell Curls are Superior

by Joe Lawrence May 12th, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
To start off this article…I love working arms. Specifically, biceps. By no means do I have huge arms; however, they are just fun to me for some odd reason. Mostly, I like them because you can isolate your arm muscles very easily and after a set you have a
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Cardio – Building Arm Strength

by Jessica B. May 8th, 2014| Assorted Workouts, Cardio
It isn’t always easy to find the perfect cardio workout that targets your upper body as much as it targets your lower body. It is difficult, but not impossible. Here are a few tricks and techniques to help you develop your cardio ability and your upper arm strength at
medical exercise expert

Help Losing Weight

by Dean Heller MD May 7th, 2014| Fitness Expert, Medical
Q:  I exercise 5 times a week, and spend over an hour each day at the gym.  I have good muscle tone, and I spend at least half my time doing cardio, but I still have trouble losing weight.  While I feel pretty good, my doctor says I am
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Sticking to Your Diet

by Bea May 6th, 2014| Accessories, Diet Plans
As mentioned in a previous article, smartphones have become extremely useful when it comes to sticking to diet plans. People who use their smartphone to aid their diet efforts have proven to be more effective at losing weight than those who do not use a smartphone to help
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Looking to Go Strapless

by Bea May 1st, 2014| Assorted Workouts, Cardio
All right ladies, now that winter has come to a close and we are starting to see glimpses of summer, it is time to start thinking about ditching those long sleeved shirts and sweaters. That's right, no more hiding those arms under sleeves! While we are probably already overdue
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Is Overtraining Slowing You Down?

by Louise April 30th, 2014| Fitness Expert, Running
If there's one guideline to live by in the world of fitness and health, it is that moderation is key. The notion is easy enough to understand when it comes to nutrition. There is definitely such thing as too much of a good thing with regard to diet; eating
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Spring Trends in Yoga Pants

by Kimberly Hays April 29th, 2014| Accessories, Exercise Wear
Yoga pants have become a staple for many women whether or not they practice yoga. They are comfortable and stylish, and are easily matched with cute tops to wear to the grocery store or running errands. Usually black, and sometimes grey, there are now many other choices for this
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Strength Training Requires Calorie Discipline

by Joe Lawrence April 28th, 2014| Strength Training
Getting ready for the beach this summer or just being fitness minded in general, requires a lot of work. Those men and women who grace the covers of fitness mags usually do more than just the elliptical and a few crunches before work each morning. They alter their entire

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