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5 New Workout Headphones Worth Checking Out

by Jessica B. June 4th, 2015| Accessories, Technology

This year much of the workout tech world is focused on smart bands and smart watches, but for those of us who are already tuned in to our workouts, the most important tech accessory is a good pair of headphones. This year there

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So You Can’t Afford the Apple Watch?

by Jessica B. May 7th, 2015| Accessories, Technology
This week marks the launch of the Apple watch. Record numbers of people signed up to order the watch which has yet to be officially released, and they are all hoping it will turn up as announced and not face serious delays as the iPhone frequently does. But the
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5 Features of the New Apple Watch

by Jessica B. April 9th, 2015| Accessories, Technology
The launch of the Apple watch is one of the biggest tech events of the year, and one of its major features is to make it an ideal piece of workout tech and a replacement for your fitness band. So what makes the Apple Watch such a great little
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5 Sites You Can Use on Your Tablet

by Jessica B. March 12th, 2015| Accessories, Technology
The best bit of modern exercise tech that I have come across in my experiments is by far the online workout video. Access to a variety of workout videos can help those who cannot afford to join a gym or do not have the time to do so. They
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3 Headphone Features You Will Love for Workouts

by Marnie Bii March 5th, 2015| Accessories, Technology
While moving through each phase of your workout, you might find your motivation levels slowly flagging. Eventually, your pace may not even drive your heart rate up into the target range, which nets you the desired benefits of weight loss or stamina gains. Thankfully, you can push your body
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New Yoga Tech

by Jessica B. February 12th, 2015| Accessories, Technology
You might be a little skeptical to read about yoga tech. I mean, could there be a sport that superficially seems to inspire less tech? For yoga, you are supposed to use your body, a mat and a teacher. If you are new, you may need a yoga block
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How to Turn Your Workout Into a Game

by Jessica B. January 15th, 2015| Accessories, Technology
It seems like 2015 is bound to be the year that tech and fitness grow even closer together. There are several great new options on the market that combine fitness bands with game-like apps to turn your workout into a video game. Most of them can be played on

5 Things I Learned: First Month With Fitbit Flex

by Jessica B. December 18th, 2014| Accessories, Technology
I got my Fitbit Flex a month ago and have been wearing it almost constantly since then. As someone who likes to exercise, my motivation for investing in the Fitbit Flex was an article I had read by well-known author David Sedaris a few months ago. Sedaris spends a
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Using Apple TV to Stream Your Workouts

by Jason Lightner November 18th, 2014| Accessories, Technology
Who likes fumbling around with DVDs?

In this new age of digital content, it frustrates me to no end that when I'm looking for a good home workout (as I am wont to do), they are all delivered without fail on an outdated medium such as DVDs or Blu-Ray.

Stop it
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Using Wahoo’s TICKR to Track Home Workouts

by Jason Lightner October 21st, 2014| Accessories, Technology
I've been doing various Beachbody workouts over the course of the past two years, and I've found nothing more useful in my journey from being a skinny-fat geek to a healthy one, than a good heart rate monitor. I've tried several heart rate monitors, and the one that I'm
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Free Apps for a Great Leg Workout

by Kimberly Hays August 5th, 2014| Accessories, Technology
Technology has come a long way in recent years, which makes it easier to get a good workout using apps that will also help you to change up your workout routine to overcome boredom. The only problem is that you could end up spending a fortune to try apps and
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The Withings WiFi Body Scale

by Kimberly Hays July 8th, 2014| Accessories, Technology
If you are really serious about losing weight and want to take advantage of every weight variation possible, you will love the Wi-Fi Body Scale by Withings. It has position control abilities to help you be certain that you are getting exact weighing. You will get visual feedback on

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