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Grass Play

by Louise September 16th, 2008| Cardio
How about some volleyball? Volleyball is my favorite sport. I really enjoy playing on a team but also enjoy playing with my family and friends. At the beach, at a park, or even in your yard, it's never really difficult to get a match going. All you need is a net, a ball,

Limited Heartbeats?

by Joe Lawrence September 9th, 2008| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Family Fitness, Running, Strength Training

“Why would you want to work out? Don’t you know that you only have a limited number of heartbeats before you kick the bucket?” Ah, the finite heartbeat theory that is often the last line of defense for those opposed to

2008 Olympics

by Louise August 19th, 2008| Running, Sports
I've decided to take a break from talking about what we can do about our own fitness, in order to talk about the people who are considered to have the best fitness in our country (and sometimes the world): the U.S. Olympic athletes. Most of these athletes have been training

Feed your Muscles…

by Joe Lawrence July 30th, 2008| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Strength Training

You found a great workout plan with which you truly connect. You work your butt off at the gym everyday. Today you compared your measurements with your baseline numbers and discovered a 15% improvement. How would you like to make

Moose On the Loose

by Bea July 30th, 2008| Family Fitness, Running, Sports
Have a running group? It's a lot of fun just to get together as a group of people and go for runs throughout the week. However, have you ever thought of racing together as a team? You should, because it's a ton of fun!

On August 24th, 2008, at 9am,

Walking, bounding, striding? It’s all the same game.

by C Zuver July 22nd, 2008| Walking
"Nordic walking".

...Anyone?...Anybody know this one?

Although I'm sure there is an audience rolling their eyes at me for talking about such an obvious pastime, there's another audience among us still reading this to learn what it is.

Skiing without skis or slopes is


by Louise July 22nd, 2008| Biking, Cardio, Running, Walking
I remember at the start of my summer vacation I woke up at 8 a.m. determined to go for a run. Sure enough, I took a three mile route, and 27 minutes later I was back home. I decided that I would make it a goal to do the same


by Bea July 8th, 2008| Biking
With gas prices so high, it's a wonder why more people are not biking to work!

Whenever I go to Holland to visit my relatives, I always am amazed at how so many people bike. It is true that there aren't any hills in Holland, but still, people will bike everywhere

Up a Mountain – Burning Calories All the Way

by TK July 8th, 2008| Walking
A sunny day without children calls for outdoor activity for my WTB (wife-to-be) and me. So we decided to make it a high-calorie-burning adventure up Mt. Monadnock in western New Hampshire.

The leisurely 1.5 hour drive to Mt. Monadnock from our house gave us a chance to chat before
bike trailer

Biking with Children

by Melissa June 3rd, 2008| Biking

With the cost of gas constantly on the rise and obesity becoming a major concern with children today, try a different form of transportation: biking!

Biking is a great way to exercise, and it’s fun

Workouts and Toddlers

by LJ Dovichi May 14th, 2008| Walking
When I first had three-feet-of-fun, well after my staples were taken out and I healed from surgery, it was easy to squeeze in home workouts while he took his naps during the day. I'd put him down for a nap and then do a workout video, run on the treadmill,

Wii Fit

by LJ Dovichi May 8th, 2008| Cardio, Strength Training, Yoga
With obesity on the rise in children and adults, promoting fitness and healthy eating is more important than ever. In today's electronic age of dvd's, computers, and video games it's really hard to get off the couch and get some exercise. However, I think it just got a little easier,

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