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Save Money on Supplements

by Joe Lawrence November 18th, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Family Fitness, Running, Sports, Strength Training
When it comes to fitness, there is no secret that you put your body through the wringer.  Afterward your body requires the replacement of essential nutrients.  There are many companies and a trillion dollar fitness industry willing to sell you the secret potions to replenish you after a workout and
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Choosing Running Shoes

by Bea November 3rd, 2009| Running
When I was little my mom would lead me to the clearance section or to wherever the markdown shoes were, and I would pick out the best looking shoes that were my size. What brand they were did not matter to me, how the support was incorporated did not even

Fitness One Day at a Time

by Joe Lawrence October 8th, 2009| Cardio, Exercises, Strength Training
We need variety in our fitness regimes.  Stagnant waters grow algae.  Bored pets tear up the house.  I can't afford to have mold or mischief in my muscles.  Variety is the antidote to stagnation and variety.

I always have tackled my conditioning plans to mirror that of other sports.  I did
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Running on Pavement

by Bea October 1st, 2009| Running
Some people thing that running on pavement or concrete is the worst thing in the world for you because it is harder and less shock absorbing. These people are right, but what is even worse for you than the pavement is the continuity of the surface--or running on the same terrain on
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Speed Walking Tips

by Bea September 24th, 2009| Walking
Some people are walkers, some people are joggers, and some people are runners. Others, well, they are speed walkers.

I do not know if you have ever seen a person speed walking. I remember the first time I saw a speed walker was on Malcolm in The Middle when Hal was
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by Louise September 22nd, 2009| Biking, Running, Walking
Sitting in volleyball or track practice, I cringe when I hear the word being spoken, "Hills." A dreaded word. On a run, on a bike ride, hills are menacing; they are threatening. They loom in front of me, and only seem to grow as I get closer. Yet, as inherently

Rumney, NH

by Bea August 10th, 2009| Strength Training, Walking
This weekend I took the time to travel back to New Hampshire with some of my fellow co-workers. We are all Orientation Leaders, so we are energetic people who are not afraid to break out random icebreakers or play name games wherever we go. I was lucky enough to have
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Fitness and Four-Legged Friends

by Louise July 29th, 2009| Cardio
The idea of staying in good shape or losing weight is just not always a good enough reason to get a person motivated to exercise. What if you added another reason, the responsibility to keep your pets healthy and happy as well? In today's society there is no doubt that

Pool Running

by Bea July 8th, 2009| Exercises, Running
My sister has  a stress fracture in her tibia and her femur.  She spent all of last summer with a stress fracture in her foot. This injure forced her to pool run. She would run anywhere from thirty minutes to one and a half hours. There were times when I


by B Kenney July 1st, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Yoga
Yoga does the body good. More specifically, yoga helps exercise certain aspects that normal aerobic and intense workout routine don't.

A weight lifting, or even running, routine will not address balance, relaxation, and flexibility like yoga does; all of which are very important aspects of a healthy body. Yoga also will

Recognize a Real Injury

by Louise June 23rd, 2009| Running
There are some people who feel a little bit of pain and stop whatever they are doing immediately. They might whine or complain frequently, and observers tend to think they are overreacting. Equally at fault, however, are the people at the other end of the spectrum: the ones who feel

Summer Fitness & You- Part II

by MPK June 17th, 2009| Biking, Cardio, Exercises, Running, Strength Training, Walking
Summer is here, and you are ready for a great workout.

Yesterday we shared some ideas for warming up and cooling down during summer workouts.  Today we have some suggestions from Trent Nessler, managing director of Baptist Sports Medicine in Tennessee, for exercising when it is hot outside.

The first thing

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