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Using Apple TV to Stream Your Workouts

by Jason Lightner November 18th, 2014| Accessories, Technology
Who likes fumbling around with DVDs?

In this new age of digital content, it frustrates me to no end that when I'm looking for a good home workout (as I am wont to do), they are all delivered without fail on an outdated medium such as DVDs or Blu-Ray.

Stop it
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Ayurveda Health Benefits

by Jennifer Rowe November 14th, 2014| Mind & Body
When it comes to all things healthy, natural and staying in balance with both mind and body, I always turn to Ayurveda for the best natural home remedies. I have been having trouble with sore and achy muscles lately, and was looking for some way to ease the pain.
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4 Easy Exercises for Weight Loss

by Marnie Bii November 13th, 2014| Assorted Workouts, Cardio
The holidays bring excess amounts of good food to the table. You might feel encouraged or required to have a taste of everyone's appetizers, main dishes and after-dinner treats. As a result, your waistline may begin begging for mercy as the pounds pile on. Thankfully, you can mitigate those

The Numbers Game

by Joan Jacobsen November 12th, 2014| Fitness Expert, Senior
When I reverted to my fit and healthy lifestyle a few months ago I had noticed that it seemed to be more difficult this time around to get rid of those unwanted pounds that crept up after many months of being lax. I wasn't sure if I was doomed
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Smart Ways to Make Calorie Restriction Work

by Marnie Bii November 11th, 2014| Accessories, Diet Plans
To lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you expend throughout the day. If you do not have any complicating factors, like diabetes or PCOS, weight loss can be as simple as maintaining a caloric deficit. Instead of hours of cardio, you can just perform plate push-backs and
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Exercise on a Regular Basis

by Kimberly Hays November 7th, 2014| Mind & Body
Getting regular exercise may not seem like a holistic to tip to some, but the  benefits of a regular exercise routine, even just walking daily, are definitely a way to naturally help your body in many ways. It not only helps keep your body fit, your bones strong, and
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Max Your Heart Rate and Burn Calories all Day

by Joe Lawrence November 6th, 2014| Cardio, Running
There are many workouts out there today to help increase the metabolism burning abilities of your body. Some are looking at the Tabata research and high intensity interval training (HIIT) programs to burn fat. These are excellent concepts and they are so successful because they push your body to
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Running Outdoors in Winter

by Dean Heller MD November 5th, 2014| Fitness Expert, Medical
Q:  It is starting to get cool around here, and I usually run outside.  I wanted to know what I should do differently during the winter to prevent injury if I decide to continue to run outside.

A: First, it is very important to warm up in the winter.  While
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3 Amazing Pieces of Gear for Jump Training

by Marnie Bii November 4th, 2014| Accessories, Exercise Equipment
Jump training, or plyometrics, can tone your entire body with a minimal amount of gear. To jump, all of your muscles must work together to push your feet off the ground while maintaining enough balance to land. In addition, this type of body training focuses on the importance of

November’s Fitness Focus- Holiday Prep

by Editorial Team November 1st, 2014| Cardio
November has begun, and it's time to delve into a new area of fitness. Throughout the month, we will review different ways to keep in shape during the holiday season. With numerous gatherings and events that are sure to have lots to eat and drink, it is a difficult
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My Holistic Cold and Flu Survival Kit

by Suzanne Foglio October 29th, 2014| Fitness Expert, Holistic

Few of us make it through the fall and winter months without cold or flu symptoms. Following are the tried and true natural remedies that we use in our home for treatment the minute we feel symptoms coming on. Most of these remedies are powerful anti-inflammatories that will

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Bulking And Cutting: Diet Plan For Building Muscle

by Marnie Bii October 28th, 2014| Accessories, Diet Plans
Make the most of your lifting program by following a diet that alters your body composition. By occasionally changing the way you eat, you can either build huge muscles or cut back on the pounds. During the muscle-building phase, you'll want to follow the bulking diet to feed your

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