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The Best Quick Tips for Reducing Work Stress

by Suzanne Foglio September 23rd, 2014| Fitness Expert, Holistic
Low pay, long hours and an unreasonable workload are just some of the reasons that 83% of American workers say they’re stressed-out at their jobs.  Unfortunately, a troubled economy has many feeling stuck without options.

We know that chronic, unrelenting stress can cause anything from headaches and digestive issues to
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3 Cardio Exercises That Tone Your Chest

by Marnie Bii September 18th, 2014| Assorted Workouts, Cardio
Strong chest muscles balance out the ones in your back, core, arms and legs. The chest is one of the most overlooked areas to tone, however. Luckily, you can work chest-strengthening exercises into your cardio routine to net the benefits of a balanced body. When your body is balanced,
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Outdoor Workout Wear for Fall

by Kimberly Hays September 16th, 2014| Accessories, Exercise Wear
We are now heading into fall and would like to extend the amount of time that we can exercise outdoors be it biking, running, hiking, or doing yoga exercises on the backyard patio. To help us stay outside later in the season we need to have some workout wear
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15 Minute Cardio Push Up Routine

by Joe Lawrence September 11th, 2014| Cardio, Indoor
Have you ever noticed that those with large chest muscles are able to get away with an imperfect set of abs. The large chest allows you to offset this because your belly isn't sticking out further than your pecs. Today I am going to help you not only get

Fat is Not a Feeling

by Denise Druce September 10th, 2014| Fitness Expert, Yoga
I’m so over ‘fat talk’.  I work in the fitness industry, and for 30+ years, I have been listening to women berate themselves for what they perceive to be too much fat.  Seriously.  It doesn’t matter if she is a size 18 or a size 2.  It’s the norm
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4 Exercise Balls to Get in Shape

by Marnie Bii September 9th, 2014| Accessories, Exercise Equipment
Are you looking for quick and easy ways to work an exercise routine into your day? If so, you can keep exercise balls on hand for fast, efficient workouts anytime and anywhere. These balls can fit in your trunk, sit in the corner of your office or stay at
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Cardio and Chest Workouts

by Jessica B. September 4th, 2014| Assorted Workouts, Cardio
If you are looking to burn calories, increase your stamina and build up your chest muscles, you are in for a challenge. But with a little planning you should be able to get in a quality work out and see some increased muscle tone in your chest area. Here
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Getting in Shape for Your Wedding

by Dean Heller MD September 3rd, 2014| Fitness Expert, Medical
Q:  I am getting married in six weeks.  I am not in bad shape, but I don't exercise too much and I want to be in good shape so I can dance all night for my wedding.  I could also lose just a few pounds as my dress is
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4 Foods You Need for Your F-Plan Diet

by Marnie Bii September 2nd, 2014| Accessories, Diet Plans
You can quietly lose weight by cutting 25% of your daily calories. In theory, a low calorie diet plan works great. In practice, it's a bit trickier. Depending on the foods you're consuming, you might feel ravenous, especially after intense activities. Even mentally straining activities could make your stomach
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September’s Fitness Focus- Chest

by Editorial Team August 31st, 2014| Strength Training
a href="http://www.myfitnesstunes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/dumbells-on-bench-400x400.jpg">September has begun, and it's time to delve into a new area of fitness.  Throughout the month, we will review different ways to improve your workout with a focus on the chest.  Covering both strength training and cardio options, we will suggest different exercises and programs that can get

The Best Beauty Product in Your Kitchen

by Suzanne Foglio August 27th, 2014| Fitness Expert, Holistic
Is your bathroom loaded with lotions and potions and other personal care products? Then it may be time to clear the clutter, simplify your beauty routine, all while saving a few bucks.

Imagine replacing your body lotion, make-up remover, teeth whitener, deodorant and hair conditioner with one product!  In addition
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3 Heart-Pumping Exercises That Shape Your Glutes

by Marnie Bii August 21st, 2014| Assorted Workouts, Cardio
You don't have to be a slave to squats to get awesomely shaped glutes. You can work glute-shaping exercises into your cardio routine to achieve both goals at once. Just make sure to keep your heart rate in the target zone during each activity to gain the benefits of

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