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My New Running Buddy

by Louise May 25th, 2010| Running
Just under a year ago, I wrote an article about mixing fitness with our four-legged friends. Our pets, specifically dogs, when in healthy condition, can often be great running companions. They add extra motivation to a run, because you make two lives healthier when you take your

The Importance of Cross Training

by Bea May 20th, 2010| Exercises, Running, Strength Training, Walking
Cross training. Well, what is it? The words should give it away to some degree; cross training means that one would partake in different sports while focusing on their main sport in order to improve overall performance. For instance, some runners cross-train by riding their bike or doing laps

Getting Ready for Your First Marathon

by Bea April 29th, 2010| Running
Okay, so maybe you are out of shape, so what! You still can get ready for your first marathon! Even if you are not a runner, it is not an impossible goal to achieve. We never said that you had to win the race, you just need to finish

How to Start Running

by Jacob Parzych April 27th, 2010| Cardio, Running
Running is a great way to get into shape, and a fairly simple way.  It doesn't require much and can be done anywhere.  As a runner, I have provided some tips for people considering it.

  • First of all, before you do anything else, make sure you are in shape to

Q&A: The Boston Marathon

by Louise April 20th, 2010| Running
Each year, tens of thousands of runners begin a 26-mile journey from Hopkinton, Massachusetts, to their final destination, Boston, Massachusetts. This is the Boston Marathon.

When exactly is it? The Boston Marathon is held every year on the third Monday of the month of April. This year, April 19 was that

Exercise For Teens

by Jacob Parzych March 23rd, 2010| Running, Sports, Strength Training, Walking
These days, teens are in worse shape than ever.  Between 16 and 33 percent of children and adolescents are obese.  Obese teens are considerably more likely to die before the age of sixty than teens who are in shape.

Obesity is a very dangerous disease, so I am adding my thoughts

Proud Influence

by Louise March 16th, 2010| Running
There are many people like you and me, interested in fitness and willing to make the commitment to exercise, but then there is the other side of the spectrum, where people don't mind sitting all day long. We all have friends just like that. What if you could be

Barefeet May Spare Feet

by Bea February 2nd, 2010| Running
A recent article in the Boston Globe re-sparked my interest in the benefits of running barefoot.

On January 28th, 2010,  new research was published about the study of running barefoot that is being led by Harvard scientists. This research showed that people who run with minimal shoes or barefoot usually land

Save Money on Supplements

by Joe Lawrence November 18th, 2009| Cardio, Eating Tips, Exercises, Family Fitness, Running, Sports, Strength Training
When it comes to fitness, there is no secret that you put your body through the wringer.  Afterward your body requires the replacement of essential nutrients.  There are many companies and a trillion dollar fitness industry willing to sell you the secret potions to replenish you after a workout and
running shoes

Choosing Running Shoes

by Bea November 3rd, 2009| Running
When I was little my mom would lead me to the clearance section or to wherever the markdown shoes were, and I would pick out the best looking shoes that were my size. What brand they were did not matter to me, how the support was incorporated did not even
college fitness

Running on Pavement

by Bea October 1st, 2009| Running
Some people thing that running on pavement or concrete is the worst thing in the world for you because it is harder and less shock absorbing. These people are right, but what is even worse for you than the pavement is the continuity of the surface--or running on the same terrain on
running shoes


by Louise September 22nd, 2009| Biking, Running, Walking
Sitting in volleyball or track practice, I cringe when I hear the word being spoken, "Hills." A dreaded word. On a run, on a bike ride, hills are menacing; they are threatening. They loom in front of me, and only seem to grow as I get closer. Yet, as inherently

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