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Don’t Stress Over Stress

by James Maynard January 24th, 2014| Video
Stress and dieting – it is a dangerous combination. Most people know how stress can add to weight gain. Yet, most of us need to work, take care of the kids and the house, and much more. We simply can't take time out of our daily lives to reduce
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Long Runs for Non-Marathoners

by Louise January 22nd, 2014| Fitness Expert
It's long been accepted that long runs are imperative for runners training for long races (e.g. marathons or longer). However, long runs can also be an important weekly inclusion for a runner who tackles shorter distances (from mid-distance track races to half marathons). It mostly boils down to the
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by Joe Lawrence January 20th, 2014| 15 Minutes or Less, Strength Training
Unless you have been under a rock in the desert, you have heard about CrossFit. This is the fitness craze that is sweeping the nation and globe. It is the best regimen out there aside from martial arts training.

First, I say martial arts training is the best because as
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Don’t Sleep Through This Video!

by James Maynard January 17th, 2014| Video
Getting proper sleep is one of the best things you can do to help your health, lose weight and live a long life. A good night's sleep helps your workout routine, and reduces stress levels, which can lead to weight gain. But, everyone has trouble falling asleep once in
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Quick and Easy at Home Indoor Cardio Workouts

by Jessica B. January 16th, 2014| Cardio, Indoor
It’s a new year and that means New Year's resolutions for many. It is the time when gym memberships increase the most, and more people start to get moving in an effort to get healthy. But what is the best way to start seeing results? Making sure you get
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What are the Best Exercises for Losing Weight?

by Jason Brennan January 15th, 2014| Fitness Expert
Any exercise can help you lose weight.  However, there are some things to consider when designing your weight loss program.

Every weight loss plan should include cardio and resistance training.  Most people emphasize  cardio but resistance training is just as important. Cardiovascular training can keep your metabolism elevated for hours
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Superfoods: Crazy About Cabbage

by Kimberly Hays January 14th, 2014| Diet Strategy, Superfoods
Cabbage is really inexpensive vegetable, and it can be prepared many ways including boiled, fried, in soups, casseroles and salads. It is also a superfood that is full of health benefits. Available in red or green, with all varieties having the same nutritional value, cabbage is a staple everyone

Shake Up Your Arm Routine

by Joe Lawrence January 13th, 2014| Strength Training, Upper Body
Arms are one of my favorite areas to exercise. They are so simple to isolate and seemingly little effort goes a long way. However, as with all muscle groups, it is easy to get to a plateau and lose motivation. Here is an exercise I like to shake things
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Teaching Your Child Healthy Eating

by James Maynard January 10th, 2014| Video
Helping your child avoid eating disorders when they are young can help provide them with great health throughout their life. It is important to help your child lead a healthy, long active life. But, this can be hard to do in the days of junk food and quick meals,
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Winter Running Tights and Pants

by Jessica B. January 9th, 2014| Exercise Wear
Temperatures are dropping in many areas, but if you still plan to run outside, it is important to have a good pair of running tights so that you do not get too cold. Here are a few of my favorite kinds of winter running tights for a variety of
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A New Life Resolution

by Denise Druce January 8th, 2014| Fitness Expert

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose

and give your whole heart and soul to it.

~ Gautama Buddha

 The average person's New Years Resolutions fizzle by the first week of February.  All over social media today, people are saying they gave their New Years Resolutions their
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Shock Your Legs

by Joe Lawrence January 6th, 2014| Lower Body, Strength Training
If you are like me, you have spent countless hours in the gym doing squats, lunges, etc. trying to build sculpted pillars of steel. It gets old having the same exercises and the same routines over and over again. Then why do that to yourself?

Years ago, my friend and

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