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Shadow Box as an Alternative to Running

by Joe Lawrence October 2nd, 2013| Assorted Workouts, Cardio
Running is an awesome cardio workout, but let's face it...it is gets old day in and day out. There are many alternatives to get the heart pumping; however, doing a little shadow boxing is pretty fun. Besides, I do not like the way my shadow

Tabata Workouts

by Jessica B. September 26th, 2013| Cardio, Indoor
Are you interested in some basic home workouts that are great for cardio, but do not need any equipment, then you might want to give a Tabata workout a try. A Tabata workout is a great way to build up cardio, you do an exercise

Outdoor Jump Roping for Cardio Fitness

by Kimberly Hays September 5th, 2013| Cardio
With the weather being nice outdoors right now, why would you want to be cooped up in the gym to get your cardio exercise? Jumping rope can be a pretty mundane exercise inside, but getting outside makes it a lot more fun. You will have room to move around,

Water Walking

by Bea August 12th, 2013| Cardio, Walking
Summertime workouts are not over yet! Are you getting bored of those road walks, trail walks, and the like? Have you tried walking on water yet? Okay fine, walking through water?

Water walking can be a great aerobic and calorie burning workout. In fact, if done correctly, you can burn

Row Your Way to Cardio Health

by Kimberly Hays August 5th, 2013| Cardio, Outdoor
Rowing is one of the oldest sports in history. There are carvings in Egypt of people rowing. Crew row racing is also the oldest college sport in the United States, starting in 1844. The row boat has even been morphed into an indoor rowing machine. The popularity of rowing

Soulcycle – the New Indoor Cycling Trend

by Jessica B. August 1st, 2013| Cardio, Indoor
What started as a cult workout in a little back room in NYC is starting to spread across the Tri-state area, revolutionizing indoor cycling and making it just a little bit more interesting.

If you are like me, the idea of sitting on a bicycle going nowhere for any period

Trail Walking

by Bea July 18th, 2013| Cardio, Walking
One form of walking is trail walking. To me, being in the great outdoors is always a treat, and when I can get some exercise in at the same time, I am even happier. One of my favorite ways to enjoy the scenery is by hitting the trails and

Lake Exercise

by Mackenzie M. July 11th, 2013| Cardio, Outdoor
There are several places to workout during the warm summer months, but none quite compare to a clean sandy beach next to a placid lake, or next one of the five Great Lakes. Recreational lakes dot the countryside of a majority of states, and they are often equipped with

Hot Weather Walking Gear

by Bea June 20th, 2013| Walking
Walking as a source of cardio can have many benefits over another activity such as running. For example, while walking, you can wear more gear than you normally would running. While running with a neck cooler might not be comfortable, you can probably benefit from a neck cooler while

Take to the Hills for Cardio

by Mackenzie M. June 13th, 2013| Cardio, Outdoor
Last week, a friend and I decided to head to the nearest state park with varying terrains for a day of walking. This terrain ranged from steep moraines to low valleys. Simply walking up and down the large rises and falls proved to be an intense cardio workout that

The Firm on Hulu

by Jessica B. June 6th, 2013| Assorted Workouts, Cardio
I have written before about my latest quest for great online workouts available for free. I am a new Mom looking to lose some pregnancy weight, but I can't find a gym that offers babysitting. I have been sampling a wide variety of material, some is great, some is

Nordic Walking

by Bea May 20th, 2013| Walking
Nordic skiing, or cross country skiing, is a great workout; however, in order to go Nordic skiing, you need snow! If you are looking for a cardio workout that can help you achieve most of the same benefits as Nordic skiing, then Nordic walking might be for you!

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