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Itching for a Poison Ivy Cure

by James Maynard August 30th, 2013| Video
With summer activities and being outdoors often comes the uncomfortable reality of poison ivy. Although not everyone is allergic to the oils which cause the uncomfortable reaction, many people can suffer for days from a single exposure. Children and animals (especially dogs) often become exposed to the reactive oils.

Strength training with a 6 Month Old

by Jessica B. August 29th, 2013| Strength Training, Upper Body
As I start to get back into the swing of a regular workout, it is still tricky to find enough time during the day to manage exercising and full time care of a six month old baby. I’ve picked up a few moves from my stroller workout class to

Runners: Lesser Known Injury Sources

by Louise August 28th, 2013| Fitness Expert
Injuries come in many forms. There are some injuries that "make sense," such as the ones that are a result of training errors: adding too many miles, running too fast too soon, and similar variations. But sometimes, they don't make sense and seem downright unfair. Maybe you've been running

The Power of Lemons and Lemon Juice

by Kimberly Hays August 26th, 2013| Diet Strategy, Superfoods
When life gives you lemons...eat them! Instead of looking at lemons as a garnish for seafood dishes or as the main ingredient for lemonade, take these bright yellow beauties to another level in your diet. They are a superfood packed with vitamins and other great benefits. The juice of

Yoga: More than Exercise

by James Maynard August 23rd, 2013| Video
Yoga is a fantastic way to stay in shape and keep one's body healthy, but it is also more than that. The practice of yoga is also a way of calming one's mind, relieving stress, and creating a harmony within one's entire body system. This can not only make
Legs of a young man running

Moves – Tracks Lower Body Moves

by Jessica B. August 22nd, 2013| Lower Body, Strength Training
So I have a new workout obsession to help me monitor my post pregnancy weight loss and my workouts. It is this insane app for the IPhone called Moves. This app pretty much tracks every single thing you do during the day, and sometimes I feel like I have
nutrition label

The Importance of Labels

by Jason Brennan August 21st, 2013| Fitness Expert
Everybody these days looks for healthier and lower calorie food options. Almost every food company is trying to sell you the “healthier “option.  Over the years I noticed that people who try to sell you something will say almost anything they can in order to get you to buy it,

What to Consider: Buying Exercise Wear

by Kimberly Hays August 19th, 2013| Exercise Wear
Exercise has become an essential part of our lives today. This doesn't mean that exercise hasn’t always been a big part of many people’s lives, we just seem to live in a more health conscious society overall than ever before. With that, the old sweat pants and t-shirts that

Avoiding Sports Injuries

by James Maynard August 16th, 2013| Video
Sports are a fantastic way to stay healthy for people of any age. For children, they can help to instill a sense of teamwork and fair play; however, sports injuries are a real concern, and they can often keep you or your child from participating in sports for a

Essential Core Exercises: Beginner

by Kimberly Hays August 15th, 2013| Core, Strength Training
Perhaps you have been slacking on working out your core because of the busy summer, or you have decided that it is time to concentrate on strengthening your core for better balance and strength. Your core is where all of your stability comes from, and it is so important

Is Soda the Cigarette of the Future?

by Denise Druce August 14th, 2013| Fitness Expert
I recently heard it said that, “soft drinks are the cigarette of the future.”  I confess…I too have a daily habit of a late afternoon Dr. Pepper.  It has to be fountain, just the exact amount of ice, skinny straw, not the fat ones at like 7-11. But by

Water Walking

by Bea August 12th, 2013| Cardio, Walking
Summertime workouts are not over yet! Are you getting bored of those road walks, trail walks, and the like? Have you tried walking on water yet? Okay fine, walking through water?

Water walking can be a great aerobic and calorie burning workout. In fact, if done correctly, you can burn

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