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Going Strong: Build Arm Strength with Fat Gripz

by Marnie Bii May 20th, 2014| Accessories, Exercise Equipment
Satisfactorily training your arms is not possible without a strong grip. At less than two inches in diameter, barbell and free weight bars do not adequately increase strength in your fingers, palms and wrists. Increasing the diameter of the bars reduces leverage and widens space between your fingers, which
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Gruve Personal Activity Monitor

by Kimberly Hays May 13th, 2014| Accessories, Technology
This monitor is easy to use, and it is designed to help you manage your weight while encouraging you to be more active. It shows you your metabolic rate, as well as lets you know how many calories you are burning while mowing the grass, walking to and from
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Sticking to Your Diet

by Bea May 6th, 2014| Accessories, Diet Plans
As mentioned in a previous article, smartphones have become extremely useful when it comes to sticking to diet plans. People who use their smartphone to aid their diet efforts have proven to be more effective at losing weight than those who do not use a smartphone to help
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Spring Trends in Yoga Pants

by Kimberly Hays April 29th, 2014| Accessories, Exercise Wear
Yoga pants have become a staple for many women whether or not they practice yoga. They are comfortable and stylish, and are easily matched with cute tops to wear to the grocery store or running errands. Usually black, and sometimes grey, there are now many other choices for this
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The Smartphone Diet

by Bea April 22nd, 2014| Accessories, Exercise Equipment
It can be hard to consistently maintain a weight loss plan. Many people achieve their goals by doing the program with friends, by taking notes, or some other method. Recently, using a smartphone to monitor weight-loss and exercise has become more and more popular.

When using your smartphone to help
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The Insanity Workout

by Kimberly Hays April 15th, 2014| Accessories, DVD Workout
The Insanity Workout is so intense it is being called “the world's most insanely tough workout” that promises that in only 60 days, you will have the physical results of one year of workouts! It is a 45 minute DVD that will help you shed pounds quickly, and gain
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Nutrition Bars

by Bea April 8th, 2014| Accessories, Diet Strategy, Healthy Snacks
When it comes to grabbing a snack that will supply you with energy to get you through a workout, you probably grab nutrition/energy bars. However, what you might not realize is that not all nutrition bars were created equal. In fact, a lot of those bars probably contain more
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Choosing Good Workout Socks

by Jessica B. March 13th, 2014| Exercise Wear
A good pair of workout socks can make or break a workout. You are not likely to push as hard if your feet are uncomfortable, and there is even a chance that you injure yourself. Here are some tips to finding the perfect pair of workout socks for a
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Choosing a Comfortable After Workout Sweatshirt

by Jessica B. February 13th, 2014| Exercise Wear
If you enjoy a good yoga workout, a run on chillier days, or just a nice brisk walk outdoors, you probably are on the lookout for a good comfy sweatshirt. There are so many different sweatshirts to choose from it is hard to know where to begin, but here
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Winter Running Tights and Pants

by Jessica B. January 9th, 2014| Exercise Wear
Temperatures are dropping in many areas, but if you still plan to run outside, it is important to have a good pair of running tights so that you do not get too cold. Here are a few of my favorite kinds of winter running tights for a variety of

Fitbit Force Will Get you Moving

by Joe Lawrence December 12th, 2013| Exercise Wear

Since the moment the Fitbit Force was released to the public, I have been wearing it. After one month of continuous wear, I have come to one conclusion...it is outstanding!

I received the fitness bracelet from my kids as a birthday gift and was skeptical at first, but quickly realized


Choosing a Sports Bra

by Jessica B. November 11th, 2013| Exercise Wear

1) Try it on – Don’t be shy. If you are buying a sports bra, make sure you try it on before you make your purchase. Don’t go by size on the label, because sizes on the tag are not always a great indicator. You want to make sure

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