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Avoid Chest Routine Injuries

Joe Lawrence September 23rd, 2020 | Strength Training, Upper Body
The harsh reality to any fitness program is an injury can happen. Injuries are more likely to happen during the infant stages of a new program or when you begin to plateau and decide to push yourself extra hard without proper rest. Chest muscles are a very common area where injuries are likely to happen. Shoulder injuries are very common to those pushing chest
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Quick Chest Workouts

Joe Lawrence September 16th, 2020 | Strength Training, Upper Body
The hardest part about getting into shape is finding the time to do it. When I was younger, I could spend hours at the gym and never skip a beat. However, now I am in my 30s, married, two kids under five…it is almost impossible to work out. I have been able to find a routine that works well for me and I will share the chest portion of
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The Heavy Bar is Still Relevant to Chest Routines

Joe Lawrence September 9th, 2020 | Strength Training, Upper Body
In my past few articles I have discussed the benefits of using dumbbells. They help with breaking down mental barriers we place on ourselves and build stability muscles. Although they are my favorite tools for the job, there are also benefits to hitting the heavy bar.

I was taught a very simple workout a long time ago and was reminded of it again recently as I was going through old workout articles. It consists of only four exercises: incline bench, flat bench, dips, and flies. However, it produces a great chest workout and shocks the system a bit after using
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What Do You Bench?

Joe Lawrence September 2nd, 2020 | Strength Training, Upper Body
Go to any gym in the world and it is a given that there will be somebody on the flat bench trying to see what his one rep max is on bench. For some odd reason, this is the one statistic that you will be asked if you tell someone you went to the gym. There is an infatuation with benching…not sure why. However, I will tell you it is ok to skip the bench for a while.

First off, when you begin working out, you can get discouraged very quickly over this question. It is tough to get to
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Take a Squat For a Firm Butt

Joe Lawrence August 26th, 2020 | Lower Body, Strength Training
Many of us have a desk job where we sit all or most of the day. Sadly, this builds up the stress in our bodies as we instinctively want to be out and about. Another problem is that while our bodies are completely engulfed by the chair, we are not doing our muscles any favors. Today’s workout will help with both.

Before I begin the workout, here is a simple suggestion for those who are trapped in an office or cubicle who want to make the best of it. Get an exercise ball. One of those over sized beach ball
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Get a Mountain Climber Butt!

Joe Lawrence August 19th, 2020 | Lower Body, Strength Training
Working out your gluteous maximus does not have to be a chore or even a boring task. In fact, it could be as fun as climbing a mountain.

Going back to my martial arts days, brings back memories of my instructor telling us something similar. We did many exercises and drills to strengthen our legs and core. Especially the muscles in the butt area because the hips generate so much power and the beefy muscle masses of the upper leg and butt could really add the snap to the whip.

Usually when he was angry with us over something he’d tell
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3 Exercises to Shape Your Butt

Joe Lawrence August 12th, 2020 | Lower Body, Strength Training
The top reasons people list for starting a diet or workout is to lose fat and most of these people go on to say they want to lose the fat in their stomach and butt. I am sure this is not news. Most exercises, though, are focused on the
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Taking A Look At The New Total Gym XLS For All Your Fitness Needs

Editorial Team August 6th, 2020 | Accessories

Has life become all about eating anything that has no sugar? Does it have to be about fruit and vegetables, whole wheat, or carb-free? My cousin, although she goes to the gym and pays an extortionate amount in membership fees, and grant her she does look good, she is anti-everything when it comes to sweet treats.

For me this is near impossible, yes I’m a sugar addict I’ll admit it, but let’s be honest, who can resist a piece of freshly made red velvet and cream-cheese cake,

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15 Minute Butt Workout

by Joe Lawrence August 5th, 2020 15 Minutes or Less, Lower Body, Strength Training
Bellies and butts are two areas that are very easy to grow, but very difficult to get back into shape. That is because they are the center of gravity for the human body and all things seem to want to stay there for awhile. Today we are going to focus on da’ butt. There is hope and in a 15 minute workout, you can start to take control back. I am pretty certain Sir Mix a Lot will not be thrilled, but he will just have to deal with it.

The basics of working your butt, or glutes for those
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Benefits of Pre-Workout Supplements

Editorial Team August 4th, 2020 | Workout Fuel

Research has shown that a properly balanced diet has a positive effect on your health and training effectiveness. A good selection of foods recovers muscles and affects their growth, speeds up the melting of fat deposits, improves health, and so on. By consuming quality food in optimal quantities, you will make your way to the desired goals easier.

Click this link, https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/eat-before-workout, for the list of natural energy sources.

One more way to give your body an initial burst of energy is quality

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Kayak for Cardio

Joe Lawrence July 29th, 2020 | Cardio, Outdoor
Recently, I wrote an article about getting in some cardio while on vacation. It was targeted at the triathlon exercises of biking, running, and swimming. I know these are not everyone’s cup of tea for various reasons. However, there is another avenue to explore that I have been able to discover at most vacation locations.

It would appear us humans have a natural affinity to live and build cities close to water. Whether it is rivers, lakes, or oceans, water is usually close by. This means there are numerous opportunities for unique cardio and exercise experiences. Such as kayaking or
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Family Fitness While on Vacation

Joe Lawrence July 22nd, 2020 | Lower Body, Strength Training
Vacations are a necessity! Without a break from the norm, we would all go crazy with the stresses we face on a daily basis. However, most of us fall out of our fitness routines while we are on vacation and it is a major reason that people state for stopping a workout regimen. That is not going to happen to you if you have a plan.

One solution is to set aside some time to
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Some Hidden Factors About Swimming – You Did Not Know

Editorial Team July 22nd, 2020 | Cardio

Swimming is one of the excellent water sport, but some people like swimming just because it is fun. Not everyone who does swimming has a motive behind it. Some just simply love to be the pool and water.

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16 Minute Vacation Workout: Tabata

Joe Lawrence July 15th, 2020 | 15 Minutes or Less, Strength Training
Ah the crashing waves, the sun rising over the mountains, the sights of the rising skyscrapers, or whatever beauties your vacation offers you. Being on vacation is often very relaxing, especially those first few moments after rising from bed. However, it is easy to fall out of your workout routine. There is a way to get in an incredible workout in less than 20 minutes. It is called Tabata.

Great! Another workout trend! Actually, this one is not likely to hit the mainstream the way others do, because of its high intensity. Where most other workouts target a 70% intensity
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Vacation Fitness Exploration

Joe Lawrence July 8th, 2020 | Strength Training
The last thing we want to do while on vacation is to get lazy with our fitness. Sure we can slack off a bit and allow our body to get some rest as we relax the mind too. However, a down week should be used to switch to a different gear, not to turn off the engine all together.

For many it is more stressful to find a gym with the same types of weight machines or whatever that you are used to back home. Do not stress over it. There are other options.

This is your golden opportunity to do
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Qualities of an Online Fitness Guru You Should Follow

Editorial Team July 6th, 2020 | Fitness Expert

Given the quarantine measures implemented in various places, getting out of the house is impossible. Even if you do, you can’t go anywhere. Almost all non-essential business isn’t operating. You have no choice but to stay at home and make the most of your time. The problem is that you fear not staying fit anymore. You can’t go to the gym, and you eat more than you should since you’re always at home.

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Simple Vacation Exercise Ideas

Joe Lawrence July 1st, 2020 | 15 Minutes or Less, Strength Training
Welcome to the summer! This is the time of the year where the kids are out of school and we are excited to take the family vacations. However, I always fear getting out of my exercise rhythm while relaxing on the beach or chasing my kid who just saw Mickey Mouse. There are some very easy ways to exercise while away from your usual stomping ground.

The easy method and boring one is to simply go to the hotel fitness center. Very few of them
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4 Accessories That You Need for Your Gym Trips

Marnie Bii June 24th, 2020 | Accessories, Gym Bag
The items you bring with you to the gym definitely have a positive effect on your experience there. Proper preparation ensures you can use the gym facilities to comfortably complete our entire workout. The right mix of supplies also assists in constantly pushing your limits and excelling to new fitness heights. Here are four items that will help you make the most of your time at the gym.


Most gyms
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Watch for Heatstroke While Exercising Outdoors

Marnie Bii June 17th, 2020 | Mind & Body
With hundreds of deaths per year attributed to heatstroke, the warning bears repeating: Memorize common symptoms of heat stroke and act fast to treat yourself if you are feeling unwell. If left untreated, heat stroke can land you in the hospital or worse. Although some groups, like the elderly and young children, are more susceptible to the risk of developing a heat related illness, the symptoms can strike anyone out in the heat, especially during strenuous exercise.

As heatstroke develops, you will usually develop a headache and rash. From there, your body may stop producing sweat and nausea quickly sets
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Dead lifting… Who Knew

Joe Lawrence June 10th, 2020 | Strength Training, Upper Body
About five years ago I discovered the best exercise ever. I had always heard about it, but never tried it. I am not sure if it was fear, intimidation, or whatever; however, I just never attempted it. Now, it is one of my favorite exercises of all time: dead lifts.

Dead lifts work a lot of muscles and can be
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